Popular Teflon Thread Seal Tape Customized

orange spool with orange cover to bear the white tape for your use. It is water proof, also use for gas pipe.
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Product Details

An auxiliary product commonly used in plumbing installation, used at the connection of pipe fittings to enhance the airtightness of the pipe connection.

  The raw material tape of PTFE is produced according to the Japanese JISK industrial standard. It uses PTFE as the raw material and has a net-like expanded structure composed of fine and long fibers. It has many excellent properties, such as a very low friction coefficient, and The surface of the stick. This product has a wide range of applications, and it is used to seal pipe threads and valve interfaces of strong oxidants, strong acids, strong alkalis, coal gas, high-temperature steam and various chemical corrosive media. This product is used in hardware, construction, chemical, electronics, national defense, transportation, medicine and other fields.

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