Blue Tape Ptfe Thread Seal Tape

Blue color teflon tape, thicker, higher quality to distinguish from other normal tape
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The colored raw material tape is a self-developed high-tech invention patent product, which is suitable for various thread sealing applications. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, aging resistance, and good sealing performance. The colorful raw material tape has four color options, bright colors, good sealing performance, and different colors are convenient to distinguish different uses, and meet the various needs of customers.

   What is the difference between colored raw material tape and ordinary white raw material? Generally speaking, the colored raw material tape is an upgraded version of the ordinary white raw material tape, with higher density and better sealing performance, and can be used in high-standard environments. Its corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance are stronger, and it is the preferred sealing aid for the sealing of fire, gas, pneumatic and hydraulic pipelines.

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