Taflon Tape 1.Taflon Tape are used to seal, lubricate, and prevent seizure on threaded bolts, studs, and fittings. They are commonly referred to as: Teflon tape Thread tape PTFE thread seal tape plumber’s tape 2. Taflon Tape are usually made of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), a highly...
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Taflon Tape

The development of liquid raw material tape (anaerobic adhesive) started in 1940s and was carried out in 1953 in the United States. e. burnett and V. k. krieble studied polyethylene glycol Diester methacrylate and found the curing characteristics of acrylate. Later, through the research and addition of peroxide and other additives, the gum with practical value was prepared, it has been widely used in aviation, military industry, general machinery, transportation machinery, oil field pipelines, industrial pipelines and civil pipelines, mold manufacturing, etc. Due to the use of anaerobic adhesive, there is no leakage development. In the low density polyethylene bottle, the glue solution is kept stable due to full contact with oxygen (air), when used for metal gaps (such as pipe threads, plane flanges, round parts sets, etc) when isolated from oxygen (air), free radicals are formed due to the catalytic induction of metal ions, which initiate the formation of polymer chains and finally solidify into solid polymers with excellent sealing and locking properties, that is, thermosetting plastic, working temperature-55OC to + 150OC, aging resistance is usually better than steel. Anaerobic adhesive also known as liquid Teflon tape

1.To use Teflon tape you first take the end of the tape holding it against the pipe with your thumb of one hand and wrap the tape around the pipe in the direction where the tape will not loosen as you tighten the joint.

2.Hold the spool of tape in your other hand under a slight tension and make sure the tape goes onto the threads, stretching down into the threads, and laying flat without twists. 

3.Do not start wrapping right at the end of the pipe, but instead leave several threads bare, then apply the tape up to the end of the threads away from the end of the pipe.

4.Typically a couple of wraps around each portion of the pipe thread are sufficient but that may vary with the quality of the pipe and fittings.

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