High Temperature Heat resistant teflon PTFE Thread Seal Tape

Plumbing Sealing Tape 1.Plumbing Sealing Tape, also known as PTFE Teflon tape, is a thin tape used for plumbing pipes and joints. It comes in white, which is used for basic sealing applications, or yellow, which is recommended if you’re working with gas pipes 2.Plumbing Sealing Tape is a tape...
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Plumbing Sealing Tape



Density: 0.3- 1.2g/cm3


Width:  25mm


Length: 10-15m


Thickness: 0.075mm   


white tape or colour tapes 


 Main technical indexes


 Heat-resistance: +370C


Cold-resistance: -190C


High pressure resistance: 150 - 200kg/cm^2


Tensile strength:>=8Mpa or control according to the demand


Percentage elongation: >=25%

PTFE tape is an auxiliary product commonly used in liquid pipeline installation, which is used at pipe fittings to enhance the tightness of pipe fittings.

Polytetrafluoroethylene raw material belt (PTFE raw material belt) is the residual deformation of resin under the action of compression force. The bar or strip is first made by push molding method, and then rolled on a roller press, under the action of roller pressure, it is extended into a thin strip with a certain thickness and width, and finally the extrusion aid is removed to obtain a raw strip.
The chemical name of raw material belt is polytetrafluoroethylene. Common white polytetrafluoroethylene belt is commonly used in HVAC and water supply and drainage, while natural gas pipelines also have special polytetrafluoroethylene belt. In fact, the main raw materials are polytetrafluoroethylene, but some processes are different.
Raw material belt is a novel and ideal sealing material. Due to its non-toxicity, tasteless, excellent sealing, insulation and corrosion resistance, it is widely used in water treatment, natural gas, chemical industry, plastics, electronic engineering and other fields.
Raw material belt is made of imported materials and advanced technology, with excellent quality and complete specifications, which can meet the requirements of different customers in different industries. The product has extremely excellent insulation, strong chemical stability and good sealing performance, and is widely used in machinery, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, ships, aerospace, medicine, electronics and other industrial fields.

Customer: What’s minimum quantity of an order of your products?
Q: 50000 pcs

Customer: Do you accept OEM? 
Q: Yes,we could printing your Logo in the spool

Customer: How about your packing?
Q: 10pcs/shringking,250pcs/inner box,1000pcs/ctn

Customer: What’s the delivery time?
Q: 30 days after getting 30% advanced payment

Customer:What are your terms of payment?

If you are interested it,please contact with us soon.

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