PTFE Tape India

PTFE Tape India PTFE is resistant to almost all types of acids, bases, solvents, chemicals etc., however, with the exception of fluorine, some fluoride chemicals and melted alkali metals. PTFE also has a very low coefficient of friction. It is Non-inflammable and Non-ageing and has a High...
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PTFE Tape India


Polytetrafluoroethylene (F4, PTFE) has a series of excellent service properties: high temperature resistance-long-term service temperature 200 ~ 260 degrees, low temperature resistant-still soft at-100 degrees; corrosion resistance-resistance to Aqua Regia and all organic solvents; climate resistance-extremely long aging life in plastics; high lubrication-with minimal friction coefficient in plastic (0.04); non-adhesion-having minimal surface tension in solid materials without adhesion to any substance; no toxicity-physiological inertia; excellent electrical performance, is an ideal class C insulation material. Polytetrafluoroethylene materials are widely used in important departments such as national defense, military industry, atomic energy, petroleum, radio, electric machinery, chemical industry, etc.



1.PTFE Tape India is the professional choice for quick, clean, and stable sealing that resists cracking, wear, galling, corrosive chemicals, and weather. 

2.PTFE Tape India makes assembling and disassembling pipes easy while significantly extending the useful life of the connection.

3.PTFE Tape India is suitable for stainless steel or coarse thread applications, providing a tight, lubricated seal that discourages galling, seizing, fusing or rusting. 

4.PTFE Tape India is suitable for most chemical, plumbing, and lab applications

5.PTFE Tape India is a non-toxic, non-flammable, clean, and versatile sealant for nearly any pipe fitting


1. Make sure the threaded end of the pipe is free of dirt or debris.

2. Wrap the tape tightly around the male pipe thread. Only apply one complete rotation in the direction of the thread spiral.

3. Tear the used tape from the rest of the roll, and draw the loose end tightly around the threads to ensure that the free end does not overhang. This will prevent fitment issues later on.

4. Use your fingernails to press the PTFE tape firmly at the overlapping points. The tape should conform to the threaded surface.

5. Assemble the male and female pipes to check for proper fitment. PTFE tape is applicable on both PVC plastic pipe threads and galvanized metal piping.


Q:Can i get some teflon tape samples?

A:Yes,sample orders welcomed.

Q:Could i use my own LOGO or design on goods?

A:Yes,Customized logo and design on mass production are available.

Q:What is the delivery time?

A:Three days for ptfe tape samples;20-25 days after receiving your deposit for mass production.

Q:Can i trust you?

A:Absolutely Yes,we are "Alibaba" verified supplier.

Q:May i visit your factory?

A:Sure,welcome any time.We can pick you up at airport and     station.


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