What If The Faucet Leaks

- Apr 16, 2019-

What If The Faucet Leaks?

May feel is not particularly serious, many people are ignoring this problem, in fact, after the faucet leakage, drip answer the impact of use, but also a waste of water, so, how to do faucet leakage?Learn to fix it yourself!

First of all, we can not blindly disassemble, to see what is the case, the specific problem specific solution, if the water pipe is connected to the leakage that may be the joint is not good or thread has been damaged;Another situation is the spool problem, if the spool is broken in the warranty period can be taken to the place to buy a faucet for repair or replacement.

One, faucet maintenance method

1, change the axis of the faucet

Know yourself and know your enemy before you can win a hundred battles.In order to fix the faucet leakage, it is necessary to understand the cause of the faucet leakage, if it is because of the wear of the bearing pad inside the faucet, then use pliers to loosen the gland bolt, then take out the bearing pad, and replace it with a new one!

2. The waterproof tape is damaged

Tighten the faucet and turn the faucet anticlockwise with a wrench. Then use the thread hole to roll the tape clockwise for six times. After the installation, re-screw the faucet and open the switch to see if there will be water leakage.

3, the faucet joint joint leakage

Remove the cap nut from the faucet and either reattach or replace with a new u seal.

Finally, the illustration is attached

This is a leaky faucet

Tools: a phillips screwdriver, a monkey wrench!

The plastic cover on the handle of the faucet

Unscrew the inside screw

Take off the switch handle of the tap!It should be noted that due to the long use of time, there will be slight corrosion in the handle, which is not easy to remove.Can use a flat screwdriver to handle the gap before and after gently don't open...

Unscrew the spool with a wrench

This is the root cause of this faucet leakage: an aging spool

Buy the same spool

Screw in the faucet to be fixed...

Cover the handle.Note that when placing the handle on the cover, make sure that the position of the faucet switch corresponds to the position of the handle.

Screw on the screw

Cover the plastic flap and you're done!

What if the faucet leaks?A faucet, bad to ten pieces, good to twenty or thirty pieces, for a spool, only six!Why not?