Type Of Faucet

- Apr 11, 2019-

Faucet is the switch of indoor water source, be in charge of control and adjust the flow rate of water size, it is the material with every necessary family.At present, the faucet variety on the market is various, to average citizen, often lack professional knowledge, feel so when faucet of choose and buy, do not know what to do.Actually, although design and color, style, modelling, breed is multifarious, bathroom faucet, but also very easy from two respects will differentiate.

It is to come up from use a function cent, basically have bathroom to use bibcock, face basin bibcock, kitchen bibcock 3 kinds, have unified style and form commonly.

Bathroom faucets are divided into bathtub faucets and shower faucets:

Bath faucet: it is installed at the top of bath crock one side, use at opening hot and cold mix water.Can be connected to the hot and cold two pipes called double type;The structure of opening and closing water flow has spiral lifting type, metal ball valve type, ceramic spool type and so on.Current more on the market is bibcock of bath crock of type of pottery and porcelain valve core.It USES a single handle can adjust the water temperature, easy to use;Ceramic spool makes the faucet more durable and watertight.The valve body of bath crock bibcock is multi-purpose brass is made, the exterior has plating chromium, aureate reach all sorts of metal to bake lacquer to wait.

Shower faucet: it is installed at shower room upper part, use for opening hot and cold to mix water.The valve body also multi-purpose brass manufacture, the exterior has the plating chromium, the gold-plated and so on.The way of opening and closing water flow is screw lifting type, ceramic spool type and so on.Shower faucet has hose flower to asperse with embedded wall type flower asperses cent;There are thermostatic faucets with special functions, faucets with filtration devices and faucets with draw-type hoses, etc., which have different requirements during installation.

Basin faucet: it is installed on the basin that wash a face, use at letting cold water, hot water or cold hot mix water.Its structure has: screw lifting type, metal ball valve type, ceramic spool type and so on.The valve body is made of brass, the appearance is chrome plated, gold plated and all kinds of metal baking paint, the modelling is various, the handle has single handle type and double handle type and so on.Still have face basin bibcock is installed fall into water to carry pull lever, can lift the fall into water mouth that pulls open washbasin directly, eliminate sewage.

Multifunctional kitchen faucets: if you have a hot water line in your kitchen, the faucets should also be double.Exception, the outlet of kitchen faucet is taller, longer, still have certain hose design, provide your catharsis food to use.

Second, from the perspective of structure, it is generally divided into three categories:

Single handle kind, this kind of bibcock is to use at present more popular pottery and porcelain valve core serves as sealing piece, its advantage is switch is agile, temperature adjustment is simple, service life is long, price is in 1300 yuan?About 1800 yuan.

With 90 ° of the switch, is also a ceramic chip seal, is on the basis of the traditional double handle, ceramic chip seal, instead of the original rubber seal for opening and closing the spin transfer can handle 90 degrees, adjusted points on both sides of the hot and cold water, its characteristic is convenient, design also is more, the price is in 700 yuan - 900 yuan between.

The traditional spiral steady rise type rubber seal faucet, as a result of its water quantity is big, the price is lower, is in 400 yuan commonly?500 yuan or so, and easy maintenance, is still welcomed by some citizens.

In addition, some imported faucet also use stainless steel hollow ball seal and valve stem seal, also have full temperature control, but the price is more expensive.

B. The flushing-valve door is a major accessory of the toilet seat. There are three types of flushing-valve doors: full copper, copper-plastic combination and full plastic.

C. shower shower nozzle is one of the necessary accessories in bathing equipment, mainly made of stainless steel material, there are fixed type and activity type two kinds, activity type with stainless steel coil do links, can be in a certain range, very suitable for family daily use, so in the installation of more than average household type shower, and shower shower nozzle is installed on wall, hanging ornaments.

Choose sanitary ware to pay attention to its ceramic quality.High quality sanitary ware with its glazed smooth, no pinprick, bubble, deglaze, gloss uneven phenomenon;The sound of striking pottery and porcelain with the hand is clearer.Inferior clean provides often have arenaceous eye, bubble, lack glaze, have even spend form gently, the voice that issues when percussion is more depressing.