Faucet How To Clean

- Sep 19, 2020-

Faucet How To Clean?

Do you feel the same way? After using the newly installed water tap for a period of time, a layer of white and dirty things appeared on it, which could not be wiped off by any means! This is scale and a kind of calcium, which cannot be wiped off simply with a rag. Here is a way to remove scale easily and make the water tap bright!

Tools/raw materials

Water tap covered with dirt

Brush bowl cloth, toothpaste



1. It is better to find a clean dish-brushing cloth, slightly wet it, and squeeze a piece of toothpaste on it. Toothpaste is also required. You can look at the instructions. The effect of containing friction agent in the toothpaste ingredients will be better.

2. Put the brush cloth in the place with scale and scrub it back and forth. You will find that the scale is gradually decreasing.

3. Rinse thoroughly with clean water, and you will find that: the scale has disappeared, and the water tap has become the same as the new one.

4. Look at the brand-new water tap after scrubbing. Is the effect very good? The service life of wiping the water tap diligently at ordinary times will be longer.


Water tap is usually made of metal, and you can use soft cloth to scrub hard during scrubbing. Do not scrub with steel ball to avoid scratching the surface of water tap, and damage the protective film on its surface will lead to rust of water tap.