ISO CE Certificates Approved Face+shield Anti Virus Dust Facemask Factory

Fabric:Nonwoven Fabric
Pattern:3 plys
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Product Details

Product Details


Product Information

ISO CE Certificates Approved Face+shield Anti Virus Dust Facemask Factory

Product Name Hot Sale 3 Plys Anti Virus Dust Facemask
FabricNonwoven Fabric
Size 9.5x17cm
Carton Meas:55x39x38cm
Packing :10pcs/bag,50pcs/box,2000pcs/carton
Lead time5-15days


* Meet CE standards.

* OEM and ODM 

* Made of mufti-layered nonpoisonous, non-allergic, non-stimulating materials.

* Very low resistance to breathing,free from foreign smell,without any stimulating feeling.

* Adjustable nosepiece, ensures comfortable wearing.

* Static dealt filter lays, can soundly obstruct low-toxicity gas,filter orangic gas,sour odor and fine dust.

* Functions:anti dust.

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1. Facing the side of the mask without nose clip, both hands hold one ear strap to make the nose clip above the mask.

2. Use a mask against your chin.

3. Pull the earband behind the ear and adjust the earband to feel as comfortable as possible.

4. Place the fingers of both hands in the middle of the metal nose clip, while pressing inward while moving the fingertips along the nose clip to both sides.

Until the nose clip is completely pressed into the shape of the bridge of the nose. Pinching the nose clip of the mask with only one hand may affect the closeness of the mask.

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