which way ptfe tape

- Jan 07, 2019-

1) For hydraulic pipelines, thin oil lubrication pipelines, pneumatic control and other occasions, raw material belt seal can not be used in principle, mainly for fear of improper use of raw material belt into the pipeline leading to valve core stuck, causing accidents.

2) Raw meal Belt should be winded along the thread direction, the direction can not be reversed.

3) When wrapping raw material tape, start with the second tooth of the thread head and leave the first tooth unwrapped, mainly to avoid raw material into the pipeline.

4) When winding, it is necessary to exert slight force and have a certain elongation under the condition that the raw material belt is not broken. Only in this way can the wrapped raw material belt be tightly and reliably wrapped, can it be guaranteed not to leak.

5) The number of layers of winding is determined according to the degree of tightness of the thread, and the thickness should be tapered when winding, that is, the front of the thread can be slightly thin, the thicker the back, to ensure that the thread is tighter and tighter, to achieve sealing effect.

6) After the raw material tape is wrapped, once tightened, it is not allowed to unwind (to screw back), otherwise it should be rewound.

7) When it is inconvenient to install metal pads between flanges of high temperature pipelines or in some other areas, raw material belts can be used to assist the positioning and installation of metal pads.