Water leakage

- Jul 23, 2018-

In peacetime life, sometimes will find the faucet after tightening still will drip, and is from the faucet exit or is the joint drop continuously, not only cause a lot of waste, sometimes its sound will cause a certain disturbance. In fact, the structure of the faucet is very simple, the maintenance of water leakage is completely can do their own repair to see, in general, the problem of water leakage as long as the internal axis of the faucet gasket or triangular gaskets, such as sealing cushion parts, can be resolved.But you have to turn off the faucet switch at home before you make the repairs. On the faucet joint leakage repair, the cause of the leakage is nothing more than the tap part (fixed screws) of the damage caused by the waterproof tape. Therefore, as long as the use of pliers to remove the faucet, in the fixed screw to roll the new sealing tape can be, the following is the maintenance of the steps: First, the faucet is tied tightly, with the clamp will turn the faucet counterclockwise way to remove.Second, the threaded hole outward, in the thread part with the wind printing tape clockwise roll 5-6 back.See if the faucet has adjusted the water to tie the clamp in the direction of the clock, the final installation is completed, open the total switch to try to see if there will be leakage.

Even if the faucet is fastened tightly, the reason that still can leak: 1. The cause of water leakage: it is due to the abrasion of the axis gasket in the faucet.

Use pliers to fasten the gland to loosen and remove, take the axis gasket out with the clamp, and replace the new axis gasket. 2. The cause of leakage in the lower part of the faucet: it is caused by the wear of the triangular gasket in the gland.

You can turn the screws loose to remove the latch, then loosen the gland, then remove the inner triangular seal of the gland and replace it with a new one. 3.

Leakage at the junction of the nozzle: the cap nut is generally loose, at which point you can reconnect the cap nut or replace it with a new U-shaped gasket. If the faucet found that there is less water, it may be the leakage situation, because the single gun faucet of the water disk stuck to the gravel, this phenomenon is to find a professional maintenance division to dismantle the faucet cleaning, but if the rubber pad damage must be replaced.

In general, the correct use of the faucet, refers to the faucet is not to rotate too tightly, so that the faucet pad can maintain 7, 8 years of life, but, hot water part of the faucet due to in the thermal expansion and contraction easy to reduce its life, it is usually recommended hot and cold on both sides of the pad