Usage matters

- Jul 23, 2018-

1, the installation should thoroughly remove all kinds of impurities in the pipeline. Can avoid spool damage, obstruction, blockage and leakage.

At the same time should be cleaned the surface so that it does not leave a building material residue. 2, for any kind of nozzle products in use without the use of the switch when the force is too large, just gently twist or toggle. Even the traditional faucet, does not need to spend a lot of effort to wring dead. In particular, do not take the handle as a handrail to support or use. When the product of the outlet configuration screen cover is used for a period of time, it should be removed and rinsed to remove impurities.

Equipped with hose products should be careful to make the hose often maintain a natural stretch state, so as not to break. 3, bathtub faucet shower head metal hose should maintain a natural stretch state, not when not to coiled in the faucet.

At the same time, when using or not, pay attention to the hose and valve body joints do not form a dead end, so as not to break or damage hose.

4, after the use of water nozzle sometimes will also occur close not complete, leakage, handle loosening, connecting mouth loose leakage, and so on, under normal circumstances consumers can solve themselves.

5, Faucet cleaning Precautions:

(1) Do not use steel balls and other hard things to wipe the surface of the faucet, because the steel ball is very hard, easy to scrape the surface of the faucet.

(2) It is best to use neutral cleaning agent for cleaning, acid and alkali strong detergent does not apply faucet cleaning.

(3) After the faucet clean, should use does not drop the hair the towel (the glass clean also same) will surface the remaining moisture dry, lest produces the scale.