StainleSS Steel Braided Hose product advantages

- Dec 26, 2018-

StainleSS Steel Braided Hose.jpg

1.Flexible between stainless steel hose pitches;

2.Stainless steel hose has good flexibility, no obstruction and stiffness;

3.Stainless steel hose is light in weight and good in caliber;

4.Stainless steel hose softness, repeatability, flexibility;

5.Stainless steel hose has good corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance;

6.Stainless steel hose anti-rat bite, good wear resistance, to prevent internal wires from being worn;

7.Stainless steel hose is resistant to bending, tensile strength and lateral pressure resistance;

8.The stainless steel hose is soft and smooth, easy to thread and install and position;

9.PVC stainless steel hose has good waterproof performance.