Kitchen tap selection

- Jan 21, 2019-


Faucet selection rule one: Water saving When selecting the faucet, ask if the effluent water flow rate is maintained at 8.3 liters/min or so, the purpose of water saving can be achieved. In addition, some faucets have honeycomb-shaped restrictors that not only allow the water to flow out in a foamy manner, limit the flow rate, but also make the user feel the water flow softer and feel the water is abundant. 

Faucet selection rule two: Durable faucet is durable, the surface treatment process is very important, the good faucet is subjected to acid high temperature test, and it is intact for more than 4 hours. In addition, due to the reasonable internal structure, the faucet is not easy to be dripped and damaged. After 100,000 times of switching, it can still be manipulated freely.

Faucet selection rule three: The humanized market has a pull-out kitchen faucet with column-shaped water and sprayed water. The top button of the shower can be easily converted, clean and convenient, and more pullable 1.5 With a long stainless steel hose, it's easy to get to where you need it, making cleaning fun.

Faucet selection rule four: easy to clean the kitchen, the oil smoke is large, the surface of the faucet is easy to lose luster after repeated cleaning, and the coating may change color and fall off. Therefore, when purchasing the faucet, you must understand the warranty period. It is generally understood that it should not be low. In 3 years. There is a kitchen faucet on the market that uses aerospace technology PVD technology to withstand the washing of steel wool and various cleaning agents, without fading and abrasion.

Lead selection rule five: Environmental protection The lead content in water is mainly caused by the water body washing the water channel. After the family has achieved direct drinking water in the United States, strict requirements for lead content have been proposed for water quality, water pipes and faucets. For example, the United States has a faucet, its water pipeline is made of fine copper, and the inlet pipe and the faucet body are used. Low temperature welding process, using special welding materials, free of pollutants.

Faucet Selection Rule six: Convenience The design of the faucet must be simple and practical to meet the needs of a variety of cleaning. The perfect combination of the faucet and the sink makes cleaning easier and does not cause blockage of food debris.