is ptfe tape safe for stretching

- Jan 05, 2019-

In the use of raw material belt, environmental factors will affect its use, but the nature of raw material belt itself will also affect its use. Haiyu Sealed raw material belt manufacturer reminds that stretching also has a significant impact on raw material belt.

Why does tensile orientation affect the transmittance of raw meal tape? With the increase of tensile ratio, the transmittance of raw meal tape decreases. This is because the spherulite structure of polymer gradually becomes the structure of butadiene microfibers, which makes the amorphous region ordered, and increases the difficulty of passing through the transmitter. Tensile orientation has a great influence on the transmittance of crystalline polymers. The change is quite obvious when the crystallinity is 10%-l5%. With the increase of crystallinity, the change becomes smaller and smaller. When the crystallinity is 40%-50%, the effect of tensile orientation on the transmittance is almost no longer affected. Raw meal strip can achieve biaxial orientation, but the orientation process depends strongly on the processing conditions. The cooling rate, stress and so on will affect the crystallization, while the waist ring crystallinity and phase structure.

It can be seen that the factors affecting the orientation of raw material belt manufacturers in the production process can be mainly summed up as follows: the first is melt temperature, the second is the drawing ratio, and then the height of cooling line.