How to repair the kitchen faucet damage

- Jan 14, 2019-


1.Change the axis of the faucet

In the case of a leak in the faucet, we must first understand why the faucet leaks. If it is checked that the shaft pad of the faucet is worn, then the gland can be loosened with pliers, and the worn shaft gasket can be taken out and replaced with a new shaft gasket.

2.The water stop tape is damaged

If this is the case, first tighten the faucet, use a wrench to remove the faucet counterclockwise, then use the threaded hole to roll the windshield tape clockwise six times. After the completion, re-twist the faucet and finally open the switch. Test to see if there is any water leakage.

3.The faucet takes over the joint leakage

Remove the nut from the faucet directly, then retighten or replace it with a new u-type gasket.