How to choose a kitchen faucet

- Jan 11, 2019-


1. First understand the materials of the faucet; the faucet materials on the market are divided into brass (commonly known as all copper), stainless steel, zinc alloy.

2. "Weighing" weight, if it is determined to be copper material, you can ask the merchant to bring the faucet, generally the quality of the heavy hand will be better than the light, of course, the price will be high.

3. Look at the luster, the copper faucet will generally be treated with electroplating process, the surface is bright, the good faucet is electroplated, the surface is evenly plated, and the reflection is high.

4. The use of the faucet is generally controlled by the ceramic valve core to control the size and size of the water. The valve core is very important.

5. Maintenance, the faucet generally needs to confirm the reserved water level before installation, there is no cement sand, clean and then install; always use the water to clean the surface during use, wipe it with a soft cloth.