Development history of anaerobic adhesives

- Jul 23, 2018-

Anaerobic adhesive composition is more complex, technical requirements, from the beginning of the 1972 trial production, now has become an important domestic industrial adhesive. 2011 Domestic anaerobic sales of more than tons, of which domestic plastic accounted for about two-thirds, Guangzhou and Shanghai are the main production of anaerobic adhesives, not only the annual production of large and formed some technical characteristics. As for the whole country, the production plant of anaerobic adhesive is distributed in the vast area except Northwest and southwest. The cost of producing one ton of anaerobic adhesive is only tens of thousands of to 100,000 yuan, and the price can reach more than 10 to hundreds of thousands of yuan.

Therefore, whether the production or sales of business interests are higher, it is estimated that will attract new units to intervene in this field, it is expected that in the future among producers will be in the variety, quality, price, management and marketing means to launch fierce competition.