Classification of anaerobic Adhesives

- Jul 23, 2018-

Anaerobic adhesives are composed of a variety of components, especially the ever-changing, each of which changes in the composition of the new performance may be obtained, so many varieties of anaerobic adhesives, the classification method is not uniform. Under normal circumstances, according to the structure of monomer, monomer category and strength, viscosity classification, also have by use classification.

The more common classification methods are based on the structure of monomer and the classification of use, according to its structure can be divided into four categories.

Ether Type

The structure was represented by tri-ethylene glycol ester (bis-methacrylate).

Alkyd ester

The common type of poly-methyl methacrylate, hydroxyethyl methacrylate or hydroxypropyl ester.

Epoxy ester It is composed of various structures of epoxy resins with the reaction of methyl methacrylate products.

The common bisphenol A epoxy ester (such as domestic Y-150, GY-340, etc. is a mixture of epoxy ester and multi-shrink ethylene glycol ester).

Polyurethane The reaction products of isocyanate, methacrylic acid and polyols (such as the United States of Le Tai 372, domestic GY-168, anchor 352 and BN-601, etc.).

In fact, many of the products of anaerobic adhesives are mixtures or complex components, it is difficult to easily classify.