can ptfe tape be used with petrol

- Jan 07, 2019-

Polytetrafluoroethylene raw meal belt, whether there is oil raw meal belt, oil-bearing raw meal belt. 1. Oil-free raw meal belt is made by mixing PTFE high-pressure dispersing resin with appropriate additives, and then by pressing, calendering, drawing and deoiling. 2. Oily PTFE raw material belt is made by pressing and calendering of PTFE low pressure dispersing resin mixed with appropriate additives. The appearance quality of raw material belt includes fog, speckle and uniformity. Usage: PTFE raw material belt is suitable for sealing on various packing roots and threads. It has the best performance among all sealing materials at present. It is suitable for use in various environments of strong acid, alkali, oxidant, oxygen, gas and various chemical corrosive media. Because of its excellent performance, PTFE raw material belt is widely used in chemical industry, petroleum, medicine, building materials and other industries.