Angle valve features

- Jan 03, 2019-

Angle Valve.png

1.The flow path is simple, and the dead zone and the eddy current zone are small. By means of the scouring action of the medium itself, the blockage of the medium can be effectively prevented, that is, the self-cleaning performance is better;

2.The flow resistance is small, the flow coefficient is larger than the single seat valve, which is equivalent to the flow coefficient of the double seat valve;

It is suitable for applications with high viscosity, suspended solids and granular fluids, or where it is required for right angle piping. The flow direction is generally bottom-in and side-out.

In special cases, it can be reversed, that is, flowing to the side and bottom.

The triangular valve is hot and cold (different from blue and red). Most of its materials are the same. The hot and cold signs are mainly to distinguish which is hot water and which is cold water.