Stainless Steelangle Stop Valve

Chrome Angle Cock -Description- The angle stop valve features an easy-to-handle cross lever which controls the movement of water through and from plumbing fixtures. The valve is made of stainless steel built for durability and dependability and also comes in a variety of finishes to better...
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toilet angle valve

Model :A03002

Unit Price:US $1.5-2 / Piece

Brand name: ZhongXin 

Place of Origin:Fujian Quan Zhou Nan An


The Angle valve is the Angle type globe valve, the Angle valve is similar with the ball valve, its structure and the characteristic is corrects by the ball valve.The difference with the ball valve is the Angle valve outlet and inlet into a 90 degree Angle.Angle valve also known as the triangle valve, Angle valve, Angle water valve.

This is because the pipe in the Angle valve into a 90 degree corner shape, so called Angle valve, Angle valve, Angle water valve.

Its features are:

1, the flow path is simple, dead area and eddy current area is small, with the help of the medium itself scour effect, can effectively prevent the medium blocking, that is, a good self-cleaning performance;

2, the flow resistance is small, the flow coefficient is larger than the single-seat valve, equivalent to the flow coefficient of the two-seat valve;

It is suitable for high viscosity, suspension and granular fluid occasions, or for the requirements of right-angle pipe.The flow direction is generally bottom in and side out.

Special circumstances can be reverse loading, that is, the flow side into the bottom out.

Triangle valve cold and hot two kinds (with blue, red mark distinction) its material is the same as most manufacturers, cold and hot mark, mainly in order to distinguish which is hot water, which is cold water.

Rapsel Good Finish Brass Angle Valve
Rapsel Angle Cock
Item Number:
Body Material:
Handle Material:
Cartridge Material:
Body Size:
Usage For:
5 years or 100,000 times
1pcs/box , 100pcs/ctn







1/2 angle valve,angle type globe valve

1、Q: Does your factory have the design and development capabilities, we need the customized products?
A: The staffs in our design department are well experienced in this industry, with more than 10 years experience. Every year, We will continue to introduce new product series to keep our customers in a competitive stage.We can make customized products especially for you; please kindly contact us for more update details.

2、Q: What the product certification does your factory have? 

A: Our factory had passed the ISO 2000, and also our product is passed the CE certification,Most of our product had the UPC And Water mark.

3、Q: How is your factory production capability?

A: We can manufacture products up to 300000 pcs per month.

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